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Perfect Plus-Sized Costumes for Halloween and Cosplay

As Halloween quickly approaches we’re getting down to crunch time for deciding what to dress up as on this most awesome of nights and for those among us who happen to be on the chubby side, finding the perfect costume can be pretty difficult. Lets face it, not many store bought costumes come in plus sizes and even do-it-yourselfers can have a hard time coming up with ideas that complement larger body types. Not everyone wants to dress up as Fat Spider-Man or Fat Wonder Woman so I’ve decided to compile a list of larger than life characters that would make perfect costumes for Halloween and cosplay.

1. Homer Simpson From The Simpsons and Peter Griffin From Family Guy

Now I know what you’re thinking; aren’t Homer and Peter a little on the nose, not to mention from two completely different shows? While this is true, who can forget this season’s epic cross over that finally brought this dynamic duo together and dropped this extra large sex-bomb onto the world?:

Dat ass!

Other notable Simpsons/Family Guy characters: Comic Book Guy, Barney Gumble, Cleveland Brown and Chris Griffin.

2. Ursula From The Little Mermaid

This classic Disney villain is an oldie but a goody… er, I mean baddie. She gave Ariel legs in exchange for her voice and scared the living crap out of little kids while doing it. Mermaids everywhere beware!


The true queen of the sea.

Other notable Disney Characters: The Queen of Hearts, Quasimodo, Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore, Genie

3. Goku From Dragon Ball

“Cum on!” I can hear you saying. “Goku is a goddamned Super Saian, the dude is 110% muscle!” Sure, this is true in Dragon Ball Z and GT but way back in the original Dragon Ball series Goku had the cute chubby kid thing going on and we loved him for it. Besides, who doesn’t dream about floating around on their very own Flying Nimbus?


Look at that glorious tail!

Other notable plus sized Dragon Ball characters include Kid Krillin, Oolong, Yajirobe and Buu.

4. Strax From Doctor Who

Once a proud Soldier of the Sontaran Army, Strax fought alongside The Doctor during the Battle of Demons Run. After dying in battle he was revived and joined the Victorian crime fighting team of Madame Vastra and Jenny Flint as their butler.


He’s the potato one.

Other notable Doctor Who characters: The Adipose, The Zygons, The family Slitheen, and of course The Daleks.

5. Amanda Waller From DC Comics

If you look up ‘bad ass’ in the dictionary you are sure to find Amanda Waller. Although she doesn’t possess any super powers she is not someone you want to piss off. Even the likes of Batman and Superman know better than to trust her, let alone cross her and even the worlds greatest super villains have reluctantly called her ‘boss’ as head of The Suicide Squad.

Seriously, don't piss her off.

Seriously, don’t piss her off.

Other DC characters: Granny Goodness, Mother Mae-Eye, Bouncing Boy

6. The Penguin From Batman

Yes, The Penguin is a DC character too, but he deserves to be on this list in his own right. One of the classic characters of Batman’s Rouges Gallery, even Arkham Asylum can’t keep this umbrella wielding jailbird caged. It’s also been pretty cool to be able to watch Penguin’s early years on the new Gotham TV series.

That umbrella-ella-ella ain't shootin' blanks.

Trust me, that umbrella-ella-ella ain’t shootin’ blanks.

Other plus-sized Batman characters… um, little help?

7. Big Bertha From Marvel Comics

Big Bertha is a member of the The Great Lakes Avengers. A mutant with the ability to increase or decrease her mass at will, she can super size herself (which gives her invulnerability and super strength) to fight evildoers while earning a living as a super model.

Work it .baby. Work it!

Work it, baby. Work it!

Other Marvel characters: The Blob, Doctor Octopus, Kingpin, Volstagg, Mojo

8. Bluntman From Bluntman and Chronic

When Jay and Silent Bob learned that there was going to be a movie made based off characters inspired by them they set off on a quest to Hollywood to make sure they got what was coming to them. This of course meant sneaking onto the movie set dressed as the pot headed duo, Bluntman and Chronic and getting their asses kicked by none other than Mark Hamill aka Cock-Knocker.

Criminals beware, we ave the munchies.

Criminals beware, we have the munchies.

Other notable Kevin Smith characters: Silent Bob and the jersey wearing man himself.

While there’s not nearly enough plus size representation in pop culture I hope I’ve been able to give you some ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Have other ideas for Halloween/cosplay costumes? Post ’em in the comments section. 🙂

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