Welcome to Cult Hero

Greetings and welcome to the first post of Cult Hero!

If you’ve made your way here from my other site, It Came From the Public Domain! you will already know that that is where I like to showcase classic movies from horror, science fiction, fantasy and thrillers that have fallen into the public domain.

As much as I love classic movies my interests are much broader so I have decided to create a sister site to It Came From the Public Domain! It’s here I hope to share with you my thoughts and reviews on current movies, books, music and television. And since I happen to live in Stratford Ontario, home of the Stratford Shakespeare Festival there are bound to be a few play reviews showing up from time to time as well.

I hope you enjoy reading Cult Hero as much as I enjoy sitting around watching movies and television, reading books, listening to music and being opinionated.  😉


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